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Growing up with either a wrench in my hand or twisting a throttle on a motorcycle, my life plan was set before I knew it. Looking back as a young tike, only knee high to a grasshopper, doing road trips with my Dad to Uncle Dave’s shop in Williams Lake, BC was the start of the adventure. Dad and I would get up early Wednesday morning and head into “Bargin Finder ” and get the newest release before it came out Thursday. We would scour paper looking for that deal or multiple deals. If anything, it was memorable times as father and son. One time, we had Dad’s 1990 Chev 1500 loaded with 7 bikes and we were off to Uncle Dave’s. Dave’s place was huge and full of every bike, various parts you could imagine and it was awesome to ride a CT70 down the back trails. From there it began, Dad and I started Jayz Toys and we got our first business card. As the years went by, life happened with school, first job – grown up responsibilities 🙂 But you always find yourself going back to your passion. Years later Ryan and I got together and put the passion to paper or should I say on a Tim Horton’s napkin but it was a start…. Busted Knuckle Motorcycle Shop was born.

Our classic background, plus our passion and love for everything “bikes” and along with our tenacity to achieve, will leave no stone unturned. Now, one year later, in January 2017, we invited Wild Cat Customs and MOB Air Brushing to our location to become southern Alberta’s one and only full custom Garage.